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Designing Recruitment

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Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X,
G eneration Y (and Generation Z) Working Together

WHAT MATTERS AND HOW THEY LEARN? h ow different are they? fact and fiction

Executive Office, Talent Management Team
United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
New York Secretariat Headquarters

Overcoming Generational Gap in the Workplace

Rational for Introducing the Generational Communication Gap into the

Casey Carlson!& Deloitte & Touche Study !
Fundamental Questions!
Where does your personal view fall in the following generational change spectrum?
Level 5: “The generation of people in the top boxes is the only one that matters…the rest just need to grow up or shut up.”
Level 3: “The generational change is an emerging issue within our organization but we haven’t done much about it.”
Level 2: “We view generational change as an emerging opportunity.”
Level 1: “We’re actively changing the work culture to harness! the power of generational change.”

Differences in Opinion and Attitude
“This generational stuff is just socially acceptable stereotyping…politically correct rationale offered for immature behavior”
“When is someone going to ask me what I need?”
“Doesn’t everyone want the same thing anyway?”
“Even if this generational stuff were true, this is still planet earth and we know how our business needs to be run for it to be a success”
“Can we go back to work now? These kids will either get with the program or they’ll leave just like they always have”
“I don’t get it! My managers are barely “technologically literate” yet they’re never open to suggestions on how to improve a process with technology. What’s up with this attitude ?
“Don’t they want the home at night ?! They act as if I should want to work 60-70 hours a week year in and year out. I’m not afraid of hard work, but that’s not the only thing I want to do with my...

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