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Designing and Delivering L&D

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Appendix 1 – Implementation Plan
Appendix 2 – Reflective Statement


Further to the proposed management development programme made to Whitstable Party Planning Company and the 30 minute taster training session that was arrange for line managers, this report will provide advice and research on methods of learning that can be implemented into Mr Handley’s business. Topics from the proposed management development programme included Leadership, Engagement, Annual turnover analysis, Change Management, Feedback, Equality and Diversity and Handling Difficult Conversations.
Learning is critical to build business competence and gain competitive advantage in the market.
The report will consider a number of current learning interventions, and why they may or may not be suitable for implementation at Whitstable Party Company.
Alongside learning, evaluation; being able to measure return on investment, is key in ascertaining the effectiveness of learning methods in the business. Therefore, a number of evaluation models ad strategies will also be considered.
Overall, this report seeks to provide balanced guidance on learning methods, and suggestions as to how their effectiveness can be measured at...

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