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Design argument essay -
The design argument is know as the teleological argument which means the end result is important. This is a posterior argument which is based on our experience, also known as empirical evidence. The D.A is the oldest argument for ther existence of God and there are different versions of the D.A. There are four main contributors to the D.A who all aim to prove the exsitence of God, these are Aquinas, Paley, Tennant and Swinburne. The D.A makes it clear that there is an intelligent designer which is the God of classical theism.
A classical contrbutor to the D.A is Aquinas. Aquinas was a saint and Catholic priest he was best know for his book summa theologica. Aquinas believed that there is order in the universe and that we work towards a purpose. Aquinas pointed out that non-rational beings eg, animals work towards an end or purpose and for this to happen there must be something intellident to guide them to the end which is beneficial for them. This intelligence must be God.
Another classical contributer to the design argument for the existence of God is Paley (1747-1805) Like Aquinas he believed that there is order in the universe and we work towards something which would have the biggest benefit for us. He also believed taht like a watch the world has many indivudual parts which all have their own purpose. As there is many parts and they work together so well, there must be an intelligent designer, for Paley this is God.
A modern day scholar of the D.A is Tennant. He believes 'nature is meaningless and valueless without God behind it and man infront'. Tennant is saying that without God there would be be no value for nature and there must be a designer. He also believes it is highly unlikely that the world came about by chance, and a much more rational explanation would be God.
Another mordern day contributior is Swinburne. He believes that scientific discoveries provide grounds for belief in God. Swinburne believes that science alone cannot be the cause of the world and that it didn't just come about by chance, God must be the first cause. God is the answer to the universe and its a much simpler explanation than any other.
The D.A is one of the oldest arguements for the exsistence of God it has been added to over the years by many contributors making it stronger. The design arugument sets out to prove the existence of God, with all the contributors it makes it very probable that God exists. As there is no concrete proof the D.A couldn't change the mind of an athesist. However, it will strengthen a theiest belief in God.

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