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Desmoplastic Fibroma of the Mandible: Report of a Misdiagnosed Case
By Jaim8 S. Guerrero, DDS, MHSc; Carlos A. Ruiz, DDS; Badr A. AI"Jandan, BDS, MSc; and bra Bustillo, DDS, JD A.

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and non odonwgnnic '"'''',''' and ,eluted le,iem af;ectiog the iCJW< ,hc-r~ cf;";e,,1pre,entocion UHJ irrc"'linqappearance, Ho."cv~r,QIIcc,,~, I",'.'e to be GPprooohed and troated 011 nn ;"d",;d"al ]'mil, bmed en a rei able ,,,,atomic .cathology d;nu""';'_ Th~ p,e,em pOpOI o'~,cribes a coso of a dr'_"""pl",,;c fbomc. -.-,ich was .. h rrisdia"nos~d as cm odc,,,',,U"";C k~,atocy't, ~no ,potlights the potontial benefit nne! co"el",i',e rol~ ot a ,ecend opinion i~ ora' on,' in",illd"ciul pulld"~y d ,o"n~sis A hiet ;e'.'iov,' of the I"~'''LU"~ ;, "I,u Ixu-,-rded,

ranged all lll";,i,,,,,,1 biop'y "r Ih" ie;;;,," fol' histopatilOlngiClil'("vlih,tioll, \\'h ich W'000.0, !Do, 125, 0, H,·,lo,,1 AS. ~,do' P. D"I, Y M~"!",ol

d,""'pl"",, ,I ,~. mOl,,J 0",1 M";IIoI,, '''9 2001, 50(9),IQ7B·8',
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