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Offered either the role of villain or hero in a movie, I would most definitely accept the role of villain. Being a hero seems too easy; their counterparts tend to be much more complex in character and similar to myself. Villains reside in the lowest sector of any morality scale—they aren’t noble in any sense of the word. Yet, that proves how much room there is for moral development! Gru from Despicable Me began as a super villain who stole world landmarks for amusement. Then, his enemy, Vector, plots to steal the exact same thing Gru planned to take: The moon! He adopts three young girls as part of his scheme to foil Vector’s plans but, it’s through those orphans he learns that there are more important concerns than being the first to steal …show more content…
Villains are the road block on the heroes’ path to righteousness. These heroes must first grow emotionally before they can achieve their goals. In Disney’s adaptation of the Greek legend Hercules, Hercules must become a true hero before Zeus allows him into Mt. Olympus. Hades, on the contrary, wants to leave the underworld and destroy Mt. Olympus and all the gods with it. Only Hercules stands in the way of Hades’ plans. In the process of weakening Hercules, Hades kills Megara and Hercules makes a wager to save her—Hades thinks Hercules will lose that bet and be stuck in the underworld forever, but Hercules pulls through and rescues Megara’s soul. Incidentally, Hercules becomes a true hero for his selfless act that Hades indirectly caused. Had Hades not killed Meg, Hercules would not have ever gone to Mt. Olympus. Hades unconscious actions are similar to my own willing behaviors. I absolutely adore helping others achieve their goals and this indirect kind of aiding is what I desire. I want to help people without even having to think about; one small action of mine can be the breaking point of success for someone. Even though villains don’t mean to help heroes, they are a crucial part of a hero’s emotional

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