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Despite a Growing Interest in the Anthropology of Christianity, the Economic Practices of the North American-Inspired Stream of Theologically Conservative Evangelical and Pentecostal/Charismatic Christians Have Received

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The nature versus nurture controversy debate is one of the oldest issues in psychology. The debate centers on extent to which particular aspects of behavior are products of either genetic inheritance or environmental factors characteristics to human development. Nature relates to the way we are born, our genetic endowment and biological capabilities; nurture refers to how we are raised, what we are exposed to, and how we learn.( Mossler, 2013)
In order to under the Nature versus nature in my own development we look at my parents. They were children born from farms family’s highest grade level between them was 9th grade, Canadian and Catholic. Growing up in my house when I was a kid the language spoken in the house was French. So naturally I spoke French instead of English. And because that was the language spoken in my environment until I was in preschool where I was taught to speak English. My parents never had anything to do with my education except for they were catholic which means you went catholic school even if you couldn’t afford it. They never went to meet the teacher, parent conference which several was requested by the school because of my dyslexia and learning delay do to my English. When I came home from school with home work and need help I was unable to request help from my parents do to their lack of education or language bearer, education wasn’t very important. So that is what was reflected on to their children. When I turn sixteen in the ninth grade on my birthday my father went to my school. I was called to the office and was surprised to see my father there. He had signed me out of school stating getting a job and working hard was more important than an education.
At seventeen I moved out of my parent home got my GED and took College classed got help from Friends and teachers. This were my struggles with learning and studying turned because I was adapted to studying hard and only getting C in Grammar school when my other class mates always go A with no or little studying. Now I was getting the A and showing my class mates studying is the key. Started a catholic family and was there for all my children. Went to meet the teacher, looked over their homework, helped them when they needed it, sent them to public school were they got access to a better education because they had more resources. I feel my parents did the best they could with their struggles. I learned to work hard and to be strong.
I gave my examples of Nature and nurture in my story I strongly feel that we are all born with a blank slate as stated in the 17th century, by philosopher John Locke but I don’t agree that the environment prescribes who will become what. I believe that we grow up in a family unit learning different life aspects from learning to walk, go to church, putting socks on when it cold and not just shoes because that is what we are thought by our parents. We reflex on their nurture until we start going to school and view other children and how their do things. As we grow up and explore more and watch we become individuals with ideas, opinions, and goals.

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