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Destination Branding

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The tourism sector continues to grow and evolve and destinations have to continuously stay competitive in order to attract visitors and showcase their distinctive image to the market. This paper assesses how authors present the concept of destination branding. This will also put a focus into various components of destination branding and how the components affect tourist decision making and overall experience. Moreover highlight the issues destination marketing organisations (DMOs) face with destination branding activities.
A destination is identified as a geographical area such as a country, an island or a town that is chosen by a guest or visitor as a travel destination (Bieger, 2005; Buhalis, 2000). A brand defined by Wood (2000) is tailoring to the needs and wants of a target market using the marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion. Additionally, Aaker (1997) mentions further on the term “brand personality” which is human characteristics associated with a brand to serve symbolism and self-expression. In contrast, destination Branding is defined in a way that it dentifies and differentiates a destination by selecting a consistent brand elements mix”. (Qu et al, 2011)
Brand image and brand personality are key components of brand loyalty and brand positioning. Although there has been several models to explain the two concepts, there is a strong focus that surrounds the relationship between the brand image and brand personality. Studies also show that destination image and destination personality are relatable to brand because at least two components of the destination image (affective and accessibility) is related to (sincerity, excitement and conviviality) of a destination personality because factors that influence an image formation involve both information obtained from different sources and the characteristics of the individual due to the fact...

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