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Destination Essay I am the head of a human resource department of a global company and would like to help my employees overcome verbal and nonverbal barriers as they travel to another country on short employment assignments. My employees will be traveling to Japan. The native Language for most people in the destination country, which is Japan, is much different from the business language English. Japan is located on Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan east of the Korean peninsula. Muslim Ummah of North America (n.d.) Japan landmarks have some of the large amount densely populated areas of the world. In addition, there is a great deal of Japan’s 125 million people live in multitude of cities along the coast. Most of Japan consists of mountains and hills. Japan has become a familiar leader in high technology electronics. Japan is an important producer of computers televisions, cameras, and audio equipment. Cultural dissimilarity effective communication has need of translating the basic values, motives, ambition, and supposition that operates across geographic lines. The Importance of Effective Communication (n.d) Therefore gave some theatrical differences across cultures in moving toward to such as time, space and privacy, the chance for mis-communication in cross-cultural situations that are abundant. ( The Importance of Effective Communication) The last visit that I made to Japan occurred while I worked for a Japanese company in the United States. I noticed that the Japanese staff gives details and only the conclusion to Americans when we are spoken to about a problem, rather than discuss the steps to the conclusion. (The Importance of Effective Communication) (n.d). A large proportion of the meaning we obtain from communication we get from the non-verbal cues that the other person gives is a person says one thing but talk about something totally different through vocal tone and body language. These separate signals force the receiver to choose between the verbal and nonverbal parts of the message. The Importance of Effective Communication (n.d). What we should know about Japanese manners is important so we can communicate with them in businesses. In addition, Japanese have many guidelines and rules that are suitable behavior; their culture has specific manners rules that help to supply a framework for communication between people. In Japanese culture there is a clear division between personal feelings and behavior in public. This is a reflection on politeness not insecurity to hide their feelings and to show the appropriate response to the comfort of others and malfunction to this is a sign of low class in business standings. When Japanese meet new people they stand with their hands outside their pockets in an official meeting people they bow. Therefore, the individual that is introduced set off the bow. This technique is easy to decide in a business setting. When the meeting is a formal setting individuals nod their head after they have been introduced instead of bowing. In addition, we just have to nod and give them a smile. Japanese manners rules counsel that we as visitor should bring a gift for the host when visiting a Japanese home they prefer an inexpensive food item and as visitors we must take our shoes off and put on their slippers. Japanese business cards are called meishi. Japanese give and receive business cards with both hands It should be printed in your home language on one side and Japanese eon the other. There is a certain way to present the business card with the Japanese language side up. A note a business situation business can’t begin until the business card exchange process is complete. In introduction individuals have to use the person last name plus the word san, which it means Mister. or Misses. The Japanese would rather you to use last names but do not ask them to call you by your first name, and ask for assistance if you are not sure about something. Japanese living quarts and public places are usually overcrowded. People have to share their space at home and work, and play. Therefore, it is easy to physically to infringe another person’s space so the Japanese do all he or she can to avoid it. Japans were raised to hate pushy and argumentative behavior in public. In addition, to avoid such unpleasant people tend to keep their hands and feet and elbows and knees closer to their surroundings. People generally do not talk loudly, touch each other unless forced to by overcrowding or make other trouble in places rationally is considered public. Understanding humor in Japan is a significant present teaching tool Wayne State University Press (n.d.) It gives easy to get to illustrative examples of humor in both Japanese and English with clarification of their meaning and cultural meanings. Scholarly yet readable it offer intelligent discussion on such topics as the Japanese delight in wordplay, the comic content of Japanese newspapers, the role of film and television in developing Japanese stand-up comedy, and formal restriction and its effect on humorous writing and self-expression in Japan. Wayne State University Press (n.d.) In investigating the nature of gender roles and disparity in Japan, it is therefore important to consider the major customary patterns, understanding how these patterns have changed today and how the changes have exaggerated society in general. Tradition and Change Examining Gender Roles in Japan (n.d.) In this manner, it would be possible advocate to re-evaluate the questions of gender inequality, and a direction for future changes. Customary gender roles in Japan are typified by a strong sense of patriarchy in society which account for the split of the productive and reproductive spheres. Tradition and Change Examining Gender Roles in Japan (n.d.) In addition, with a discrete separation of gender roles portrayed in close relationship to the situation in the workforce, where there is a strong male supremacy in the company hierarchy. Tradition and Change Examining Gender Roles in Japan (n.d.) Follow-on, males possess increased career opportunities, unlike females, that are trialed in the workforce and are considered to be temporary labor, expected to resign upon marriage or childbirth as can be seen, there is an intimate family-work relationship in Japanese society, and this hinges on the traditional gender roles within society. Tradition and Change Examining Gender Roles in Japan (n.d.) The customary gender patterns in Japanese society have however not been without their tensions and problems. Tradition and Change Examining Gender Roles in Japan (n.d.) In addition, a heightened sense of formality in Japanese interaction. Business Clique (n.d.) When doing business in Japan, our suitability in respect to conducting business will be assessed during a first meeting, so we always have to maintain a sense of professionalism. Business Clique (n.d.) The bow is an essential part of Japanese society. Therefore, bowing is used when meeting, getting attention, to show appreciation, and to express sympathy or as an apology. Business Clique (n.d.) At the time as doing business in Japan, you would not be expected to bow. You will most likely be greeted with a handshake combined with a slight nod of the head. Business Clique (n.d.) Introduce yourself with your full name followed by your company name. (Business Clique) In addition, the Japanese culture believes it is important to use proper name when addressing someone, so always set up the position of the other person. Business Clique (n.d.) The swap of business cards when doing business in Japan involves a degree of ceremony. Business Clique (n.d.) The card is seen to represent the person, so should be treated with respect. Before traveling to Japan, make sure we have ample cards and have one side interpret into Japanese. (Business Clique) Include your position within the company on it. (Business Clique) Invest in a carry case to store cards and keep this in the inside pocket of a suit jacket. (Business Clique) Therefore, when swapping business cards offer your card with both hands and just the right hand and present Japanese side up. (Business Clique) In addition, make sure there is no barrier between you and the receiver such as a table, chair or plant. (Business Clique) When accepting always use two hands as this shows respect. (Business Clique) When doing business in Japan a successful relationship with a Japanese coworker or client is based on three factors: sincerity, compatibility, and trustworthiness. Sincerity means that you are cooperating; understanding and you want to carry out business on a personal level. (Business Clique) Compatibility is set up when you are seen to be concerned about the personal relationship, the well being of the company and not just focal point on financial gain. (Business Clique) Trustworthiness relates to the faith put in you to protect from loss face. Business Clique (n.d.) The importance in Japanese culture on upholding harmony has developed regarding allowing indistinct forms of expression. Business Clique (n.d.) The cultural reason behind this is that by keeping away from direct or explicit statements one has a better chance of not causing offense. (Business Clique) When doing business in Japan make clear meanings and dig deeper for more information. Business Clique (n.d.) The Japanese are unspoken communicators. Business Clique (n.d.) An open communicator assumes the listener is unaware of background information or related issues to the topic of discussion and provides it themselves. (Business Clique) The Japanese however assume the listener is well informed on the subject and minimizes information communicate on the premise that listener will understand from associate. Business Clique (n.d.) Thus the saying, "Say one, understand ten," i.e. you will be expected to understand nine additional points to every one made. Business Clique (n.d.) During a meeting you will always deal with a team as individuals go up against to an individual. (Business Clique) Each attendee will be there with a particular know how so either bring assistance or be sure you are confident enough to handle all the questions you will receive. (Business Clique) Therefore, individuals will greet the most senior employee first and then others in descending order. Business Clique (n.d.) The senior employee will be there as a ceremonial spokesperson of the company. Business Clique (n.d.) The lesser ranking attendees will usually do the talking or bargaining. (Business Clique) Meetings usually take place for only one of three reasons: to build rapport, exchange information or, confirm previously made decisions. Business Clique (n.d.) In addition, decisions are rarely made in a meeting. Business Clique (n.d.) Therefore, a relationship has yet to be set up then this is your main concern. (Business Clique) Therefore, it is important to build relationships with all the senior figures as well as all lower ranked ones too. In addition, group of agreement is important so the opinions of all staff will be taken into account when coming to a decision on any proposal suggestion. Business Clique (n.d.) Japanese are very factor oriented. Business Clique (n.d.) Expect a large amount of questions and many of questions repeated in different ways. (Business Clique) Be sure to have the answers as the stoppage to do so will look unprofessional. (Business Clique) Be sure to bring as much information as possible, in writing, on your company, service, product or, proposal. (Business Clique) The Japanese like dealing with quiet, genuine and, cooperation individuals. Therefore, outgoing individuals are seen as hasty and conceited. (Business Clique)In addition, early on in bargaining remains humble, indirect and, non-threatening. (Business Clique)In addition, do not disagree openly, and do not put people on the spot and always employ political language when doing business. (Business Clique) Be sure to hold off allowance until the end of proceedings. If made early your honesty will be questioned. (Business Clique)

In addition, silence is considered a virtue. Business Clique (n.d.) Therefore, when the meeting is quiet doing business in a meeting then do not panic because reflection is taking place. Business Clique (n.d.) In addition, silence may be also be accompanied by the closing of the eyes, and never disrupt or break the silence. Business Clique (n.d.)

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