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Cereal: The Complete Story


Let’s make today great™

Quick facts on breakfast cereal.
Average calories per serving by breakfast type.
Cereal compares favorably to many other traditional choices.1

Children who eat cereal regularly tend to have lower BMIs.***
Studies have shown that the consumption of cereal for breakfast is associated with lower BMI in children, a relationship that holds regardless of the amount of sugar in the cereal.2, 3
Fewer than 4 servings in 14 days 4 to 7 servings in 14 days More than 7 servings in 14 days
Percent overweight age 4-6 48% 35% 26% Percent overweight age 7-9 50% 38% 16%

Good mornings begin here.
The latest science on breakfast cereals.
Since introducing Kellogg’s Corn Flakes in 1906, Kellogg has invested decades of science and product development into health and nutrition. From being the first food company to employ our own dietitian, to running our own research labs and closely monitoring independent studies on breakfast, cereal, grains and fiber all around the world, we aim to keep abreast of the ongoing scientific advancements in nutrition and food research and take this into account as we strive to enhance existing cereals and develop new cereals. What we learn constantly shapes our future direction. In the past few years, it’s helped us respond to consumer and market demands to lower sugar and sodium, as well as to increase the fiber and maintain the great taste in many of our cereals. We’re always looking for ways to provide more nutritious, convenient and affordable foods loved by consumers around the world. Because the information we’ve gained has added to our own knowledge base, we’re eager to share it with others, too. That’s why we’ve gathered the latest evidence-based research about breakfast and cereal in these pages. We hope Cereal: The Complete Story provides a valuable resource for your own...

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