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Determianants of Exports

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Determinants of Regional Patterns of
Manufacturing Exports:
Indian Firms since the Mid-1990s

Jaya Prakash Pradhan
Keshab Das

January 2013
Gujarat Institute of Development Research

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January 2013
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There exists a glaring gap in the literature studying the role of subnational factors in the export performance of enterprises. A preliminary analysis of the spatial determinants of firms’ export activities by Indian states has been undertaken in this study. The size of technological knowledge stock, port facilities and credit availability in a state are observed to be favouring higher export intensity of local firms. All these call for state’s policy attention to improve regional knowledge base, strengthening of port facilities or ensuring better transportation networks to ports and improved credit availability if local firms were to face the least hurdles in their efforts to internationalize.
Fiscal incentives continue to promote firms’ export activities. In addition, firms own characteristics considerably determine their export behaviour.


Manufacturing Exports; Regions; India

JEL Codes


F14, P25, N75

This study is prepared as a part of the research project Regional Patterns of
Internationalization of Indian Firms: Learnings for Policy, sponsored by the
Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi. The authors are...

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