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Determine Pricing Strategy to Meet Organizational Goals

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Learning Team A Reflection of Week Three Objectives Patrece James, Angela Roth, Michele King, Domingo Cuison University of Phoenix ECO/561 Professor David Flesh April 16, 2012

Week 3 learning objectives are 1) Determine pricing strategy to meet organizational goals;
2) Determine ways to create non-price barriers to entry based on market structure; 3) Determine ways to increase product differentiation based on market structure; 4) Determine ways to reduce costs for an organization. Pricing Strategy. Pricing is a major element of marketing and can help determine how successful your product or service will be to meet organizational goals. Pricing affects product positioning as well as product features, promotion and sales strategies. There are a number of different pricing strategies organizations have to consider that should reflect its overall sales strategy and the current state of the market. The pricing strategies that organizations can use are: 1) Developing a price; 2) Pricing objectives; 3) Pricing method; 4) New Product pricing; and 5) Price discounts. In developing a price, promotional tactics and distribution should be taken into account, as well as how demand will alter at different prices. In an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, it states that 90 percent of companies simply mark up costs and do not take into account the value the product may offer compared to rival products. It argues that price should be set instead based on overall sales strategy and objectives. A common strategy to...

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Toyota Market Plan plan. It provides a description of the pricing strategy that Toyota will use when establishing product prices. The report further gives a detailed explanation of two distribution channels that Toyota will use to supply products to customers. These channels include the dealership and retail channel. Toyota will also use a promotional strategy that will use various components of the marketing mix: Advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotions. The marketing implementation plan of Toyota covers various concepts, which include, structural issues and tactical marketing activities. The final part of the marketing plan is an evaluation and controls. It covers formal and informal controls, marketing implementation schedule and an explanation of a market audit. Pricing Strategy The pricing strategy that the Toyota company applies should fit the financial preferences of their target emerging markets such as the Asian countries and other potential international markets. The pricing objectives of the company will be: * To increase the profit margin by 50% in the next one 12 months * To increase sales volumes by 20% in the next two years Toyota will apply various pricing methods, in order to achieve the above pricing objectives. According to Shefer (2007), marketing managers use various pricing methods to achieve their pricing objectives. Besides using the price methods, they may also design innovative pricing methods that fit the needs of both......

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