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Determining Who and Why

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Determining Who and Way Human Capital Management – HRM 531 January 24, 2012 Instructor: Bob Hanks

The recruitment and selection process is one of the main functions of Human Resource Management. It is critical to the achievement of organizational and strategic goals. At some point, every organization will need to hire new employees. Selecting the wrong person could be a costly mistake when considering the amount of money involved in recruiting and training new employees. According to (Wienclaw, 2010), “the tools used to select new employees need to be demonstrably related to the job and must help the organization select those employees with the appropriate knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics necessary for job success” (p. 1). To identify the recruitment and selection methods at Wal-Mart, a job description for a Senior Manager in Marketing-Promotions was selected from their website. This particular job description was selected because it includes position details, job duties, performance standards and job factors. In this paper, a concept map and associated discussion summarize the steps of the recruiting and selection process using the chosen job description. Dialogue surrounding performance standards and rationale for included components are offered as well.

The recruitment process begins when Wal-Mart recognizes a human resource need within the company that is not being met by current employees. Once the position is determined to be necessary, upper management is able to conduct a job analysis...

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