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Deth Penalty

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Death Penalty

Death Penalty II
We as a society have chosen to have a death penalty for the crimes that cry out for justice even though the use of the death penalty is known to have mistakes and may require a great deal of time and money to ensure that we have the correct person. The problem is that the system is in a lose-lose situation and cannot win either way. So because of this we have to weigh the odds of the death penalty against the possibility of mass crime increases. The facts all weighed together then weighed against the possible outcome of no death penalty most could see that the latter has far worst results. There are steps that we can take to assure that any person who gets the death penalty has the best defense and all avenues of discovery is covered and researched and all court appeals if any have been heard. The defendant and the state have a large amount to lose. The fact that we have to get this right the first time should prove the cost of the procedure well worth the monies spent. No matter what way it is looked at being for or against the death penalty are a personal and often a moral decision. The battle of those for and against the death penalty will continue to be fought because these two groups will never see the issue eye to eye.

Death Penalty III
Death Penalty
The death penalty has been thought to be a deterrent to homicide by many. It’s a fact that the death penalty cost tax payers billions of dollars each and every year. Society believes that some crimes need the most extreme punishment in which the offender would never be able to commit another crime. One problem with the death penalty is that once the punishment is carried out it cannot be changed, it’s permanent. If the defendant was later found innocent of their crime it is too late to correct the mistake. The time has come for the United States government and its

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Deth Penalty

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