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Detroit, Michigan

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Detroit, Michigan

Natasha Parks

January 24, 2013


Dr. Richard Ansson


Detroit is the biggest city in the Michigan State, of the United States of America. It boasts of a vast heritage of culture, transportation, finance and politics. The constitution of Detroit is an exceptionally compelling one. The constitution that governs Detroit is that of the larger Michigan state that was written in 1908.

The Detroit constitution is a truly Democratic constitution, and is one for the people and by the people. In article I, the seat of the government is established at Lansing. It is a constitution that particularly protects the Detroit citizens and contains a lot of rights of the people (The Constitution of Michigan, 1908). There are a few examples of the rights which are the right to free speech, religious freedom, right to peaceful assembly, as well as the right to petition. One of the unique elements of this petition is that it gives everyone the right to bear arms for purposes of defending the State and him/herself. The rights are in the Article II.

Another important article in this constitution is Article VII. It touches on the judicial system which is a vital arm of the government. The Judicial system in Detroit has supreme courts, circuit courts and probate courts with the Supreme Court being the highest (The constitution of Michigan, 1908). The constitution also states that elections for the judiciary must be non-partisan. A unique court in the system is the 36th District court (Wayne County Court system, 2003). It is one of the first line courts in the City of Detroit. This court has limited authority and only deals with cases outlined by the State and are usually small cases such as traffic offenses and civil law suits.

The Social services system is also a majorly essential part of the Detroit State. The social services system in Detroit is a model system in the United States. The Building Movement Project was pioneered in 2003 to tackle social issues in Detroit. Great steps have been taken in improving social services in Detroit. Primary care in Detroit has markedly improved. The elderly and the poor now have greater access to healthcare. The social services system is also viewed as exemplary because it encourages staff as well as constituents’ participation in the system. The staff members have been significantly involved in decision making and constituents of Detroit have a say in the Decision making off the system.

The Educational system of Detroit is another crucial area that Detroit has attached considerable importance. Article XI of the constitution addresses the Education system (The Constitution of Michigan, 1908). Primary school education tuition is termed as free. The constitution also puts into place a Superintendent of Public Instruction who is to oversee the Education system in Detroit. There is also a board of Regents for each University who are to be elected for a term of 8 years. Detroit houses many institutions of Higher learning, one of the best being, The Wayne State University. As for primary and secondary education, Detroit is one of the largest school districts (Dawsey, 2011). It has almost an equal number of students in Charter schools as in Public schools. It also has quite a large number of Private schools.

The Government of Detroit receives funding from various sources. The constitution sanctions income from the State as being from Tax from citizens. Income tax is a source of revenue as well as tax imposed on specific commodities by the government. The Primary school interest fund is another source of revenue especially for running educational institutions. A major source of revenue is also the auto-mobile manufacturing industry.

The Detroit constitution is a good constitution that protects its citizens and concentrates on key aspects of the city such as the Judicial, education, financial and social aspects. Good provisions have been made in these key sectors to ensure that the city is one of the best run in the United States of America.


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