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The article has very ideal approach in expressing the agricultural boom in the Philippines. In the article, it was stated there the MUAR model (Maximum Utilization of Agricultural Resources), The Philippines main agricultural crops are, rice, corn, bananas, tobacco and many more, we maintain to export our products, that’s why the Philippines became one of the largest food producer in the world. The article distinguishes the significant role of communication in anticipated agricultural progress. Whereas the economy, demonstrate the wealth what was the Philippine reached throughout the export, like the government enabled to supply free food, medicine, and education to its citizens.

In addition to the article it shows the development of a new information and technology-based society that people must deal with. While reading the article, it is clearly showed that the development between agricultural toward a technological shows information, the use of the people of the union of local and universal information via computer or any gadgets analyses a broad gap among users. In my Dev Com class we studied the technology backwardness, the third world like Philippine will be resolved its hitches by implementing new advance technology and by addressing the root cause. For example, in the agriculture or in any other fields, information is very vital because in today’s world – everything is being determined through information that we are able to manage the doings, methods and other existing in this world. We also get whatsoever information we look for. If a person is knowledgeable he/she can use this awareness usefully and be an advantage to his/her competitor.

Looking at the article presented, I noticed that there were two key points expressed - one is progressive and the other one is problematical. The article showed an agricultural boom that happened in our country and also showed the problematique side which is the technology backwardness. In my opinion, there are more numerous peripheral bounds that can be studied before they end up with the agricultural boom. Such a ways of farming, lack of machinery in the agricultural, poverty, hunger, and even bad attitudes in a relation to positive change. It is clear that the article has an ideal approach in expressing the agricultural boom that topped to the industrial development of the country.

In the article they mention the Ministry of Information Communication (MIC), the awareness and knowledge enhancement ought to implement through education or information distribution. The Ministry of Information Communication, as an organization it embodies the vital role of creating well-informed people that converse and comprehend the language of technology through this it will have a significant influence of communication in developing society.

On the other hand, the responsibility of the mass media as watchdog of the government, the focus of the media has always been a criticism for the reason that the political paradigm includes the serious role of mass media. The significant of assessing awareness and idea in the handling of social organization that may either add benefits or bounds to the process of development.

In the present world, technology literacy is important as the linguistic in the communication process among means. Without understanding how computers are important to us in a way of paperwork or research at schools, government (private or public), there are potential of illiteracy or misunderstandings.

The Proactive Information Society displays the vital role of information, communication and education in reaching or upholding development. Development Communication is process that simplifies the sharing of knowledge to reach positive change in development. By means of Communication to connect differences and to do something towards change, Development Communication can direct to productive and balanced results.

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