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Developing an Ethical Business Enviroment

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Developing an Ethical Business Environment: A Report to Executive Management
Ethics and business rules always go together. The fact that business policing is based upon the different measures of complete recognition of social norms and social limitations, ethics is indeed a large part of the ways by which business organizations try to strive to be able to become more effective within their operational engagements with regards their aim of being able to influence the society as well. It is indeed certain that the rules and regulation that a business puts up should be able to meet certain standards of social compromises. Any business organization could not afford to be questioned simply because of the fact that the business procedures that they are adapting to are not meeting the set standards for business organizations. (Kuhn, 2005, 12) To be able to have a clearer view of the matter being reported herein, it is first most importantly to be given attention to as to how management is indeed in relation with the actual application of ethical standards within the society. To be able to do this, there are three major points to consider. The said points are as follows: • The effect of organizational culture on ethical operation • The roles and responsibilities of executive management in fostering an ethical operating environment • The impact of ethical standards as they are used in business operations Through the consideration given to these particular sections of the said matter, the continuous advancement of the report shall be completed as to how it could relate to the actual practice of several business organizations who are actually applying ethical management in creating the policies for their own businesses.
The Essence of Organizational Management Organizational management involves several serious tasks that concern not only...

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