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Developing Promotion Strategy in Wedding Decor

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CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 7 1. MARKETING MIX 7 2. PROMOTION 11 2.1. The relationship between promotion and marketing mix 11 2.2. The role of promotion 12 2.3. Promotion mix 13 2.4. Promotion management 14
CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY 16 1. RESEARCH PROCESS: 18 2. DETERMINING THE CONCEPT OF RESEARCH: LITERATURE REVIEW 18 a) Quantitative method 19 b) Qualitative method 20 c) Research design 21
CHAPTER 5: RESULT OF STUDY 38 I. MAIN FINDING FROM QUESTIONAIRS GIVEN TO CUSTOMERS 38 1. Sample demographics 38 2. Customer awareness towards “wedding décor” service 40 3. Customers’ opinion 43 II. MAIN FINDING FROM IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW 47 1. Advertising 47 2. Sale promotion: 48 3. Public relation: 49

Developing a promotion strategy for “Wedding Décor” service package, the case of Viet Nam Wedding Planner Company (VNWP Company)
This introduction section essentially focuses on the background of my study and the reasons that I found on this subject. It also stated research purpose as well as scope and limitations.


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