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Development of a Beating the Red Light Sensor

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Title: Development of a Beating the Red Light Catcher using Laser Break Beam Sensor
Researchers: Lester Troy S. De Gracia Kenneth Lance H. Dizon Kristine Joy R. Fernandez Madeleine R. Payang Jerome L. Rosete
Institution: Tarlac State University Romulo Blvd. San Vicente, Tarlac City
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering

The research study hopes to reduce some traffic issues specifically the beating the red light violation. The researchers used an application and sensor in order to address its objectives – a sensor that will trigger to capture image of the violator and an application to view and store the captured images. Aside from that, a local host can be used to view the captured images of the violator which is intended for traffic law enforcement authorities.

First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge and give thanks to our Almighty God for the strength and wisdom He has given us since the very first day up to the time we finished our research project. Without His grace, favor, and provision we would not accomplish this, praises and glory be upon to Jesus Christ.
We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to our E-Research professor Engr. Renato Galvez for the ideas and advices he has given us on how to make our research possible, thank you sir for your support, patience, and motivation. We would also like to acknowledge our parents for their patience and deep support financially. And at last, we would like thank our classmates who helped us in our research paper and build our scale model. This research study will not be possible without you all, so thank you everyone.



Dedicated to
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…...

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