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Development of Lcd Computer Monitor Trainer

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INTRODUCTION The idea behind the development of an LCD Computer Monitor Trainer is to have an instructional material in teaching troubleshooting skills and repair of LCD monitors. Compared to a conventional LCD monitors, the trainer provides easy access to the different parts of the monitor particularly the printed circuits boards (PCB). To prevent accidental short-circuits and for safety purposes, test points were provided where voltages can be measured using a voltmeter or oscilloscope, without going to the printed circuit boards. In addition, simulation switches were also included in the design to simulate the common faults that may occur in a Liquid Crystal Display monitor. Simulation of faults is essential when doing laboratory experiments on the trainer, which conventional LCD monitors cannot provide. The trainer is also accompanied by a service manual and laboratory manual that will guide the instructor and students in the proper use of the instructional device. This study is relevant and timely owing to the popularity of LCD computer monitors nowadays and the absence of instructional/training devices in teaching skills in troubleshooting LCD monitors. This project is primarily developed to be used by the following: the instructors in computer teaching LCD monitor servicing; the instructors in electronics dealing with troubleshooting and repair of communication equipment; and trainers in the field of LCD monitor repair and troubleshooting.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor trainer is divided into six blocks namely: the Power Supply, Main Circuit, Control Key, Test-Points Module, FaultSimulation Switch Module and the LCD Panel. Figure 11 shows the block diagram of the LCD monitor trainer.


Figure 1. Block Diagram The different parts are house in an attaché case that will serve as a protective shell especially to the LCD screen. The power supply board, main board and the LCD panel are screwed to an aluminum frame that permits the free turning of attached parts whenever needed during service. The test point module and the simulation switch module are installed on top of the acrylic panel for easy access during measurement and fault simulation. The placement of the different parts is of utmost importance for functionality and aesthetic considerations. Furthermore, the wiring connections needed to interconnect each part are harnessed together for safety and aesthetic purposes. The fabrication procedures are based from the design considerations as seen from the isometric drawing of the project shown in Figure 2 on the next column.


Figure 2. Isometric drawing

Figure 3. Top view of the LCD circuit boards

Figure 4. Top view of LCD panel

Table 1. Bill of materials Qty. Unit 1 1 2 1 2 2 30 15 2 1 20 12 3 6 10 10 1 1 Pc. Pc Pcs. Pcs. Meter Meter Pcs. Pcs. Meter Meter Pcs. Pcs. Meter Pcs. Pcs. Pcs. Pcs. Pc. Specifications 17-inch LCD Monitor w/ VGA input and CCFL backlight Synthetic leather attaché case 49 cm x 37.5 cm x 13 cm (LWH) Pre-cut acrylic panel (appendix C) 1 ½ x 2 ft Flexy board 1-inch L-type Aluminum bar ½ x 1 inch hallow Aluminum bar Rivet bolt 1x 1/8 inch stainless screw AWG # 20 stranded wire AWG # 16 stranded wire Mini binding post Hook-up post Solder Sand Paper # 800 Tie Wrap Cushion sticker AC Cord 0-50V DC Voltmeter Unit Total Price Price 3200 3200 800 250 500 300 500 1.00 5.00 5.00 20 12.00 10.00 12 15 1 6 150 280 800 500 500 300 500 300 75 10 20 240 120 36 90 10 60 150 280

Figure 5. Packaging


Figure 6. Testing Set-up for the trainer includes oscilloscope, multi-tester, and laptop

RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS The performance of the project was evaluated using TUP formulated evaluation instrument for instructional prototypes. Table 2 below is the summary of the mean per criteria and the corresponding descriptions.

Table 2. Summary of Mean per Criteria and the Overall Mean CRITERIA FUNCTIONALITY WORKABILITY DURABILITY SAFETY AESTHETICS Over all mean LEGEND: A – Experts’ Evaluation B – Students’ Evaluation C – Mean D – Interpretation VG – Very Good

A 4.66 4.80 4.73 4.80 4.73 4.77

B 4.55 4.58 4.73 4.76 4.68 4.66

C 4.68 4.69 4.73 4.78 4.70 4.71


CONCLUSIONS Based from the objectives set forth, and the result of the evaluation, the following conclusions were derived: 1. The developed LCD Monitor Trainer is highly acceptable in terms of functionality, workability, durability, safety and aesthetic value. 2. The prototype can be used by instructors in electronics dealing with troubleshooting and repair of communication equipment and instructors in LCD computer monitor servicing. 3. The trainer can be used by the Office of the R&E in technology transfer for out-of-school-youth programs.

RECOMMENDATIONS The following are the recommendations for future reference. 1. Faculty teaching Electronics and Computer Technology shall try and use the project. 2. Include simulation for other parts that commonly breakdown. 3. More experiments and activities shall be included to maximize the potential of the trainer. 4. Support of the university is needed to mass-produce the device to be used university-wide and for possible commercialization of the prototype to be sold to other technical schools and training centers. 5. Let the project undergo further evaluation for enhancement purposes.


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Websites: Motor Control Wiring Trainer

Color TV Trainer Digital Trainer Synthetic Leather Expanding Attaché Case Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT LCD)

Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) -matrix_liquid_crystal_display Twisted Nematic (TN) LCD Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Panels Repair of LCD Monitor (by Jestine Yong) http://www.LCD-Monitor-Repair.Com

Manuals LG Service Manual, L1953s/L1753S


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