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Development Through the Life Stages- Michael Jackson

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Development through the life stages
The human lifespan
Throughout this essay I will be going into depth of the life of Michael Jackson. I will be informing you on what he went through in each life stage he went experienced and also including debates on nature and nurture and discussing which sides affected him as a person.
Michael Jackson was born in a poverty stricken area called Gary, in Indiana. He was born in 1958 and was the 7th of nine children. He was raised in a poor, lower class family this may be because he had one working parent which was his father called Joe Jackson, He was a steel worker in a factory however his mother was a home maker. For every infant the same developments occur. As there isn’t a lot of information about Michael when in infancy I can still figure out what happened during the ages 0-3 years old. Reflexes and motor skills are learnt at the ages between 0-2, this is when an infant will learn the different sensations. The reflexes involve, sucking, grasping, blinking and stepping. It’s also normal for an infant’s weight to change so Michael also experienced weight change whilst growing in this stage. Michael would have developed gross motor skills at this stage, this means he had the ability to turn and hold his head up. Other motor skills would be learning to sit up, roll over, stand up and also walk.
Social development of an infant is the social skills that are learnt at the ages of 0-3 years old. Michael would have experienced many skills as he had grown up around many people older than him. However by the age of 4 months, Michael would have developed additional social skills however at 6 months he would be able to indicate his emotions by laughing and smiling when he was happy or crying and frowning when unhappy. At the age of one Michael would have probably been able to point, wave and receive and give objects, also at...

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