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Development Through the Stages of Life

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Development through the life stages

This is when development of the embryo starts, when the sperm meets the egg. Women who are trying to get conceive stop drinking, smoking and taking drugs (even over the counter ones) to ensure their body is fully ready for pregnancy. At this time women also try to get in the right mind set so that they are not only physically ready but also mentally as pregnancy and birth can be a traumatic experience and they need to be able to keep sane and not and not succumb mental trauma it can cause. Emotional stability is also a big thing a women needs to consider when she is trying to conceive because she needs to be in control of her emotions as pregnancy is a taxing process and even conception. If a woman is trying to conceive but has no success it can cause her to get frustrated and begin to think something is wrong with her, so she needs to be stable enough in her emotions that it doesn’t overwhelm her and prevent her chances of conception further.

Also known as gestation, is when a woman carries a baby after successful conception. Pregnancy is commonly known to last nine months when really it is slightly longer at 40 weeks. Pregnancy has 3 stages called trimesters and each lasts around 3 months. The first trimester goes from 0 to 12 weeks, during this time your hormone levels change and the uterus begins to become habitable for a baby to grow and develop these changes also come with negative ones. These are the common pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue and headaches.
These first 3 months are extremely important for the baby because this is when all of their organs develop so it’s vital that the mother is healthy and cuts out any bad habits such as smoking and drinking as they have both been linked to the cause of serious pregnancy complications and birth defects. During the…...

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