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Developmental Process Presentation

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Developmental Process Presentation
Natasha Medina
AED 202
November 27, 2011
Kristen Weiss

Developmental Process Presentation
Here I am on the final part of this multi-step assignment. I am here to inform you of the two age groups I chose weeks prior to this assignment. I chose early childhood 2-6 and middle childhood 6-10. These two stages seemed very interesting to me, maybe because I am planning to teach the Pre K age group. The first group is the early childhood group consisting of children from age two through six and the next is the middle childhood ages six through ten. In these two groups, you will see several characteristics or developments from physical, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, language, social, reading, writing, and interpersonal. I will begin with the physical development of both groups. This is where you will notice their motor skills. There are two different motor skills, gross and fine. Gross motor skills involve the larger muscles including the arms and legs. Actions requiring gross motor skills include walking, running, balance, and coordination. When evaluating gross motor skills, the factors that experts look at include strength, muscle tone, movement quality, and the range of movement and the other is fine more skills, which involve the smaller muscles in the fingers, toes, eyes and other areas. The actions that require fine motor skills tend to be more intricate, such as drawing, writing, grasping objects, throwing, and catching (Cherry, 2011).
Early Childhood ages 2-6 Physical Development By the time, they reach two years old their fine and gross motor skills are developing even more. With the gross motor skills, they can balance themselves, run, jump, hop, and dance. Their fine motor skills include writing, drawing, and possibly tying shoelaces. Both gross and fine motor skills develop and…...

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Developmental Process Presentation

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