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Dexter Kupal

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A Project Submitted to Mrs. Shirley M.P. Aglibot Professor In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in (Humanities 12)


September 3, 2014

Centro Escolar University

|Content (Intensive analysis of all the |40 points |_____________________ |
|elements of the play focusing on strong | | |
|and weak points with specific citations)| | |
|Complete number of attachments (Title |10 points |_____________________ |
|page, Report, Rubric and Worksheet for a| | |
|Play Review) | | |
|Observance of the Format (Presence of |15 points |_____________________ |
|all the subheadings including the paper | | |
|to be used, type of font etc.) | | |
|Mechanics of Writing (Spelling and |15 points |_____________________ |
|Punctuation) |...

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