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When you are ready to review a peer’s essay, open this document in one window and the essay in another window (you’ll be cutting and pasting information from the essay into this memo. Place your cursor in the gray field to record your answer. Refer to specific parts of paper by paragraph number.
Reviewer’s Name: Karen Adame
Title of Essay Reviewed: Intervention Programs for Youth to Reduce Deliquency
Author’s Name: Jessica Leal-Rosas
Date: 6/4/13

Begin by reading your peer’s essay all the way through. Mark areas that are difficult to read, or don’t make sense, or that you think have some grammatical/usage problems. When you have read through the entire essay, come back and choose up to five sentences/areas that you marked for readability. Copy the text and insert it here, along with the paragraph number. You do not have to identify the error or fix it… just locate problems. No more than five sentences: For the past decades, researchers such as Peter Greenwood have focused their attention… Indeed, any program that is introduced to help reduce…
After having read the whole paper through the first time, write out a few “big picture” comments. What one element of the paper do you think needs the most work before your peer turns it in as a final draft? There are several grammar errors and to explain what are concepts such as zero tolerance and get tough on crime.
If you had to grade it right now based on the rubric, what grade would you give it and why? Probably a B because it definitely serves the purpose of defending their policy through methods such as cost benefit and comparison but there are grammar and spelling errors that need to be fixed.
How would you rate the writer’s academic credibility (ethos)? Why? They have good ethos because the work they cite is scholarly....

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