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Student Experience – Career and Professional Development (SE-CPD)

Provided by the Student Experience - Academic, DeGroote School of Business
To remain eligible in the Commerce Internship Program you will be required to complete two Academic Advisement
(formerly called “degree audit”) reviews throughout your third year of Commerce – one will be in January 2016
(you need to print and submit your Academic Advisement to CBCD – see below), and the other in May 2016 (not required to submit). These reviews will determine if all academic requirements have been met in order to continue in the program.

By the academic review in May 2016*:

You must have completed at least 24 units of the course work set out for Lv. III of the Commerce Program in which you are registered;
You must have attained a Cumulative GPA (formerly called “Cumulative Average”) of at least 7.0 at the end of Term 1 Fall 2015 of Lv. III;
Your academic standing must be “Good Standing” (for example, for courses being applied to Lv. II
Commerce and onwards, you cannot have failed more than 6 units of course work);
You must have no greater than 102 units of degree coursework completed upon your return from internship. This total does NOT include the additional Chartered Professional Accountancy course work.

Details for Submitting your Academic Advisement report in January:


Thursday, January 14th
Friday, January 15th
By 4:00pm

(DSB 112)

You must submit a degree audit to DSB 112 immediately after
Wednesday, January 13th (the last day for the drop & add period and registration for Term 2 Winter 2016.)
Once submitted, your Academic Advisement will be passed on to the
Student Experience – Academic team (formerly called, “APO”) for review. Your Academic Advisement and student record will be then assessed. *If at the assessment in January 2016, it is determined that you will not meet the requirements outlined above for the academic review in May 2016, you will not be permitted to continue in the Commerce Internship Program (and
On-Campus Recruitment).
Please Note: Students with one or more deferred exams from Term 1 Fall 2015, Level III will receive access to job postings after Winter Rank & Match (starting March 2, 2016) upon writing the deferred exam(s) and submitting final course marks to the Student Experience – Academic (SE-A) office to complete the degree audit process.

Student Experience – Career and Professional Development (SE-CPD)

Accessing and Interpreting Your Academic Advisement
To access your Academic Advisement:
Go into MOSAIC and in your “Student Center”, under “Academics”, you need to use the drop down menu to select the
“Academic Requirements” option. Once you do so, “Academic Requirements” will be the highlighted selection and you will need to click the “ >>” icon to the right. This will bring you to your “Academic Advisement”.
The Academic Advisement is a live document that will tell you: your status in the program at any time, what is still outstanding for the degree and the level of the course work that is outstanding. It is your responsibility to check your
Academic Advisement every time you enroll, perform a drop and/or add, or withdraw from a course (formerly called cancelling a course).

Key term

Required Commerce course work

Each level of the program has a set of required courses identified on the Academic
Advisement. It does not matter which Commerce program you are in, there is a common group of required Commerce course work.
For example, in Lv. III Commerce or Honours Commerce there are 15 units of required
Commerce courses, 3FA3, 3MC3, 3QA3, 2OC3 (3QC3) & 3S03 and these are an absolute required group of courses for those in Lv. III that entered Lv. III in 2010, onwards.

Lv. III Honours
Commerce Electives

A basic requirement of Lv. III of the Honours Commerce program is the 6 units of Lv. III or Lv. IV Commerce electives or three units of Commerce electives from each of Lv. III and
Lv. IV subject to meeting prerequisites. These 6 units of Commerce electives is the minimum number of Commerce electives a student in the Honours Commerce program must take throughout their whole program.

Non-Commerce electives These are non-Commerce electives. You cannot substitute Commerce electives for non-Commerce electives. The only exception is Commerce 2SB3 (cross-listed
Philosophy 2N03) Business Ethics, is recognized as being a non-Commerce elective. Please note Com 2SB3 is not a mandatory non-Commerce elective and is not offered in Fall 2015 or Winter 2016. Each Level of the program will have a non-Commerce course work requirement. Open electives

If you are ahead coursework for Lv. III, you may be able to take Open electives towards
Lv. IV Honours Commerce. Open electives can be Commerce and/or non-Commerce course work. International/CrossCultural/Language
Menu course work

International/Cross-cultural/Language Menu coursework. Students must take and successfully complete two courses from the International/Cross-cultural/Language
Menu prior to graduation (see the 2015/2016 Undergraduate Calendar for a listing of this course work). When choosing your non-Commerce electives, please ensure you have fulfilled this requirement prior to graduation.

If there are questions or problems regarding your Academic Advisement and fulfilling the academic requirements for the Commerce Internship Program, please contact the Student Experience – Academic office at ext. 24433 and book an appointment to speak to an Academic Advisor.

Student Experience – Career and Professional Development (SE-CPD)

Academic Success Strategies and Suggestions
For students who feel they may benefit from assistance with their academic skills, you are encouraged to connect with the Student Success Centre. On this website you will find a variety of topics including: o o o Time Management
Exam Preparation
Effective Note Taking

o o Writing Support Services
Learning Styles

If after reviewing these materials you feel you would like further assistance, contact the Student Success Centre by calling (905) 525-9140 ext. 24254 or schedule an appointment through OSCARplus (


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