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1. Overview

Module Tutor: Dr Elisabeth Planella/ Antonis Kyriakidis
Room: M2-26/ M2-
Tel: 01201903120 / 0120490
Email: ep1@bolton.ac.uk/
Level: HE4
Credits: 20
Module Pre-requisite: None

2. Learning and Teaching Strategy

The module is delivered via two 2-hour sessions a week, over 9 weeks. To complete the module successfully you must also allocate a substantial amount of independent study time. The five weeks following the 2-hour sessions will enable you to focus on your assignments.

Most sessions comprise a formal lecture of approximately one hour and a seminar. You will have the opportunity to discuss your progress on the module with the Module Tutors at any stage. In order to do so, you are encouraged to make appointments in order to see your tutor at mutually convenient times.

3. Module Communications

The Module Tutors’ contact details are provided at the top of this page.

Additional lecture materials are provided by the University’s virtual learning environment “WebCT”.

You must check your University email address regularly as many module communications are channelled through this medium.

4. Module Description

• Personal and professional development skills through Personal Development Planning (PDP)
• The development of the learner's sense of responsibility for their own management and personal development within the working environment
• An introduction to the concept of operations processes and the development of students' knowledge and understanding of the role of operations management function within an organisation
• An overview of the issues and problems which typically face operations managers in diverse…...

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