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VSRD-IJBMR, Vol. 2 (4), 2012, 167-178


A Study of Opportunities and Challenges for Mutual Fund in India : Vision 2020


In this paper, I have undertaken a study on mutual funds. The mutual fund sectors are one of the fastest growing sectors in Indian Economy and have awesome potential for sustained future growth. Mutual funds make saving and investing simple, accessible, and affordable. The advantages of mutual funds include professional management, diversification, variety, liquidity, affordability, convenience, and ease of recordkeeping—as well as strict government regulation and full disclosure. The Mutual Funds originated in UK and thereafter they crossed the border to reach other destinations. The concept of MF was indianized only in the later part of the twentieth century in the year 1964 with its roots embedded into Unit Trust of India (UTI). Since its inception in 1964 there were only 25cr assets under management like a sapling but it has grown into a big banyan tree with assets of Rs. 481749cr under assets management companies till March 2010. But presently it has increases up to 700538cr at the end of March 2011. Now, booming stock markets & innovative marketing strategies of mutual fund companies in India are influencing the retail investors to invest their surplus funds with different schemes of mutual fund companies with or without complete understanding of Mutual Funds (MF). This paper focuses on the analysis of the mutual funds, its benefits, and drawbacks and I have made a detailed summary on its various aspects. Keeping in mind the rise and fall in the money market it is better to invest in mutual funds for those investors who are risk adverse and for those who are risk taker it is better for them to invest in share market. I have...

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