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Understanding the mobile phone subscriber’s behavior in staying with or changing a service provider is the topic of this assignment. Under this assignment student is supposed to carry out a survey using 50 subscribers and the mobile phone is no longer a luxury good. At the moment in Sri Lanka mobile phone has become very essential good for everyone. And this is very lucrative market in Sri Lanka. According to the figures of the TR nearly 20 million people are using the mobile phone. And five major service providers are operating in Sri Lanka they are namely DIALOG, MOBITEL ETISALAT, HUTCH and AIRTEL. These mobile operators are operating in a very competitive manner in order to attract the other’s subscriber.
Apart from these information theories related to consumer behavior are briefly discuss in this report. Those theories are consumer decision making process. There are Black Box model, organizational buying, and purchasing and procurement process.
This research study is been investigate by looking at the various attributes of the consumer behavior to find out the weaknesses had by the company which are making the customers to find out whether to stay with their service provider or change.
It’s recommended that the service providers should look into retain existing customers introducing reward system and increase the customer service. Loyalty programs should be strengthened in order to reward the most profitable customers.


This Assignment was prepared with the support of all the lectures and Information Providers. So I’m not able to list down all the name of them. So I give them credit to help that is given to complete this assignment successfully. I should mention that guide line given by the Mr.Shalinda was really appreciated hence my special thanking for Mr.Shalinda.
To all my colleagues, who helped me with various issues during the...

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