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We provide multi-class liablity insurance solutions, combining specialist underwriting and claims expertise with the highest service levels

With over 100 combined years of underwriting and claims experience within the new International Liability Division, we have proven lead expertise in a wide range of international liability classes of business, including professional indemnity, general liability and directors and officers insurance.

Our portfolio has a wide territorial spread, and we write business both at Lloyd’s and through cover holders. Our flexibility and innovative thinking fits with the dynamic world of international liability insurance. In those territories where we write, particularly emerging economies where the legislative environment is still developing, it is important that our Underwriting and Claims Teams remain abreast of all new changes to ensure that we are always able to offer clients the most appropriate product.

Given the long term nature of our business, we believe it is important to build client relationships over time and through all trading environments. We underpin this with the high Lloyd’s security rating that our clients demand and expect, and the support and professionalism of a leading Lloyd’s managing agency.

Professional Indemnity
Our Professional Indemnity Team provides insurance solutions for international (ex USA) companies. We write primary and excess of loss business on both an open market and facility/binder basis. We are recognised underwriting leaders, with experience in many territories, including the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa, as well as extensive knowledge of many professions.

Our strategy is to seek client partners that prioritise risk management and mitigation, value insurance security and recognise the benefits derived from building long-term business…...

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