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The problem of former global synergy are : 1. AMP creates geographic structure which measured based on product quotas, for many years HP had set sales quotas and tracked performance by product lines solely within geographies 2. Managers focused on meeting product line targets within their designated region, area, or district 3. As a result, within the product focus structure, it was difficult to differentiate individual account performance at any level and there was a lack of a complete measure of global accout performance 4. The organization structure and the performance measures did not facilitate the development of new accounts outside regional boundaries 5. Area and district managers had no incentive to provide information to other district or area sales managers regarding new account development

In January 1991, Franz Nawratil, vice president and manager, worldwide marketing and sales, computer systems organization (CSO), H-P, received approval to implement a pilot program based on a proposal for global account management. Mr.Nawratil asked Alan Nonnenberg, director of sales, Asia-Pacific, to help head the pilot program and appointed Greg Mihran as the new director of sales, global account management, CSO.
The program proposal envisioned a critical role for the global account manager (GAM). Accordingly, the pilot program focused on providing the GAM with the authority, power, and tools to manage the global account. GAMs were responsible for defining the global account sales and support needs and budget, developing an account plan, and identifying the goals and objectives for the account and the strategies and resources necessary to achieve those goals and objectives.
GAM Desired Skills : Five years hardware and software sales exeperiece minimum. Experience selling one of the following required: FPM, ERP, CRM, SCN, Security,

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