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SITUATION : Arthur, A registered nurse, witnessed an old woman hit by a motorcycle while crossing a train railway. The old woman fell at the railway. Arthur rushed at the scene.

1. As a registered nurse, Arthur knew that the first thing that he will do at the scene is

A. Stay with the person, Encourage her to remain still and Immobilize the leg while While waiting for the ambulance.
B. Leave the person for a few moments to call for help.
C. Reduce the fracture manually.
D. Move the person to a safer place.

2. Arthur suspects a hip fracture when he noticed that the old woman’s leg is

A. Lengthened, Abducted and Internally Rotated.
B. Shortened, Abducted and Externally Rotated.
C. Shortened, Adducted and Internally Rotated.
D. Shortened, Adducted and Externally Rotated.

3. The old woman complains of pain. John noticed that the knee is reddened, warm to touch and swollen. John interprets that this signs and symptoms are likely related to

A. Infection
B. Thrombophlebitis
C. Inflammation
D. Degenerative disease

4. The old woman told John that she has osteoporosis; Arthur knew that all of the following factors would contribute to osteoporosis except

A. Hypothyroidism
B. End stage renal disease
C. Cushing’s Disease
D. Taking Furosemide and Phenytoin.

5. Martha, The old woman was now Immobilized and brought to the emergency room. The X-ray shows a fractured femur and pelvis. The ER Nurse would carefully monitor Martha for which of the following sign and symptoms?

A. Tachycardia and Hypotension
B. Fever and Bradycardia
C. Bradycardia and Hypertension
D. Fever and Hypertension

SITUATION: Mr. D. Rojas, An obese 35 year old MS Professor of OLFU Lagro is admitted due to pain in his weight bearing joint. The diagnosis was Osteoarthritis.

6. As a nurse, you instructed Mr. Rojas how to use a cane. Mr. Rojas has a weakness on…...

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