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Diabetes Diet

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Journal Entries: Reflection and Reader Response

• Journal Entry 1: “What does it mean to be a soldier?” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry 2: “Only the dead see the end of war…” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry #3: “How does being a solider change a man (or woman)? Are people changed for better or worse or both? What is the effect on the person, and what is the effect on the nation?” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry #4: “Reflect on the duality of words. How do words hold infinite power in their ability to simultaneously create and destroy? How do words affect conflict? How do they affect people?” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry #5: “Who or what determines our respective identities? Who or what makes you who you are? Why? How? Is it fair? Do we have control over who we are? Who we are perceived to be?” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry #6: “What does Oscar Schindler prove about people amid war and destruction? What characters have we encountered thus far in the semester who could also fit into this category? Why is it so important we remember them and tell their stories?” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry #7: “What does it mean to have courage? Is it truly more honorable to die than to live? Is this always the case? If not, reflect on the ambiguity of such a statement.” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry #8: “What tangibles and intangibles do you carry with you every day? Why are they important to you?” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry #9: “In your opinion, can there ever be a true account of war? Why or why not?” (Reflection/RR)
• Journal Entry #10: “After all is said and done, what have you really learned about war and people? What happens to people’s bodies, minds, families, and lives? Is there anything we can do about it? What universal truths and themes have you gleaned from the stories and lives and heartaches of these men and women? Refer back to several characters from the literature.” (Reflection/RR)

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