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Reading and writing. Something I have hated since day one in elementary school, but started enjoying through my middle and high school years. Reading and writing is a amazing way of expressing myself. I enjoy reading way more than I do writing just simple because the story is already there and I just get to follow along and make a movie in my head. Like I shared in class, one of my favorite books is Where the Red Fern Grows Just because when I was reading that, I spent a lot of time out in the woods with my dogs. I was a very outdoorsy kid. I was drawn to this book because it was about a raccoon hunter that was my age, at that time, and he would go out and hunt raccoons with his dogs. Something I would do with my dogs, except no gun and no raccoons. When I finished reading this book, I wish the author, Wilson Rawls, made a second book so I could read it. There was another book about a dog that I loved. The book's title was Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I read this book after I read Where the Red Fern Grow. It is also about a kid, my age at that time, and his dog. The kid, Marty Preston, finds a beagle up behind his home in West Virginia. The dog looks beaten and abused. Marty then cares and nurtures the dog back to good health and finds a new best friend. These stories got to me because they were emotional. I guess I loved them so much is because I love animals. Especially dogs. They are man's best friend. I would read in my spare time if I had spare time to devote to reading, but I also can't find good books that I would enjoy. I am going in Law Enforcement so if I could find I book or a book series about a young rookie officer that faced all these troubling dilemmas in his career as a Officer, I think that would be my favorite book. I should start looking for a book like that so I can reignite my passion for reading.

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