Dialogue from My Fair Lady

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Alfred: Good morning, Governor.I come about a very serious matter,Governor.

Higgins: Brought up in Houndslow. Mother Welsh, I should think.What is it you want, Doolittle?

Alfred: I want my daughter, that's what I want.

Higgins: See? Of course you do. You're her father, aren't you? I'm glad to see you have a spark of family feeling left.She's in there. Yes, take her away at once.

Alfred: What?

Higgins: Take her away. Do you think I am going to keep your daughter for you?

Alfred: Now, is this reasonable, Governor? Is it fair to take advantage of a man like that? The girl belongs to me. You got 'er. Where do I come in?

Higgins: How dare you come here and attempt to blackmail me! You sent her here on purpose!

Alfred: Don't take a man up like that, Governor.

Higgins: The police shall take you up. This is a plan...a plot to extort money by threats. I shall telephone the police.

Alfred: Have I asked you for a brass farthin'? I leave it to this gentleman 'ere. Have I said a word about money?

Higgins: Well, what else did you come for?

Alfred: What would a bloke come for? Be 'uman, Governor.

Higgins: Alfred, you sent her here on purpose.

Alfred: So help me, Governor, I never did.

Higgins: How did you know she was here?
Alfred: I'd tell you, Governor,if you'd let me get a word in. I'm willing to tell ya. I'm wanting to tell ya. I'm waiting to tell ya!

Higgins: You know, Pickering, this chap's got a certain natural gift of rhetoric.
Observe the rhythm of his native woodnotes wild.
"l'm willing to tell you. I'm wanting to tell you. I'm waiting to tell you." That's the Welsh strain in 'im.
How did you know Eliza was here if you didn't send 'er?

Alfred: Well, she sent back for her luggage and I got to 'ear about it. She said she didn't want no clothes. What was I to think from that, Governor? I ask you, as a…...