Diana Frances

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15 years ago, Westminster Abbey was surrounded by millions of people, whom were praying for her. Flowers fully covered 77 miles’ road to let her coffin pass through. Even after she dead 10 years, thousands of people still coming to Wembley Stadium to commemorate her. And her name was Diana Spencer, the legendary princess of Wales. Although her death haves been pass 15 years, nobody has forgot that beautiful prince that wore Cartier crown, Valentino dress and who were caring about the populace.

Diana Frances was born in 1st of July, 1961, in Sandringham, east of England. She was the youngest child of her family, her brith made her father disappointed, because he have two daughter already, in family’s tradition, he can only pass his title and properties to his son. In 1967, Diana’s parents’ relationship was broken due to her mother’s disloyalty. So she had to look after her younger brother. When she was 9 years old, she had been forced to go to a private girls’ school (Riddles-worth Hall). She was very sad, and she was begging her father to let her stay with her brother, but her father rejected her. After a few years she had many friends in the school, although she was popular, she was not good at study, her grades were not so good. In 1975 her family moved to Althorp, and she became Lady Diana Spencer (Spencer was her family name before she married), and her younger brother became Lord Spencer. When she was 18 years old, she started to work.

Diana and Charles was met in 1977 on a party, and before they met, Charles was dating Diana’s sister Elizabeth. The first time they met, Charles said Diana is a very charming woman, then he invited Diana to join his 30 years old birthday party. After that in July, 1980. Charles’s friend invited Diana to spent holiday on suburbs, she was watching Charles playing Polo, and Charles was keep talking to her. After a month,…...