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Diary of Anne Frank Summary

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The Diary of A Young Girl is a book about Anne Frank, a thirteen year old girl who is forced to go into hiding with her family. They hide in a small secret annex above Otto Frank’s (her father) office where they had food and supplies in stock. She names her diary Kitty, and writes in it for almost two years. Some news from the radio makes it into her diary, her friendship with Peter van Daan – a teenage boy also in hiding with Anne- as well as her feelings about living In the annex with her family, another family known as the van Daan’s as well as a companion, Mr.Dussel. Anne begins her diary by saying that she wants to confide in the journal like no other. She has never been able to confide in someone like she wants to in this diary that she received for her thirteenth birthday. She starts writing on Sunday June 14th, 1942. In the first section of the diary, she writes about her childhood- her family moved to Holland because her father found a job with a Dutch company. She also has a German background, but is Jewish. She attended a Jewish Lyceum there. She introduces her friends, and all the fun activities she does with them like getting ice cream, going on ferries, and gets treats from secret admirers. She explains how she has some family still in Germany, some who fled to North America, and how her grandmother came with her family to Holland. Anne reveals that the Germans are making all the Jews wear big yellow starts on their shirts so they are easily pointed out. In this section, she also started calling her diary Kitty. In the next section, she starts explaining how she has been seeing Hello- Anne’s closest friend now- and how he just met her parents. They meet and talk on the phone more often, but it is nothing more than a friendship. A sudden change on the diary entry of Wednesday July 8th, 1948 makes the book a true page-turner. Anne explains how…...

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