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JMEMORIES!!!! It's My Last Year...!

Happy but sad, afraid but excited!!! I keep on feeling this, I have mixed

emotions regarding this matter- I'M AT MY LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL...!!! I don't know what to feel, I can see by now what is going to happen, it's really an odd feeling bidding your classmates,your teachers and alma mater.

It seems like yesterday when I first lay my feet in this institution, but four years seems to be so fast. Now, we SENIORS will say GOODBYE to high school and HELLO to college life...,no more happy trips with ''barkadas'', no more cheats during exam, no more silly sharing of the latest ''chismis'' or ''blind item'' or those funny, scary, and even sweet and lovestories, no more campings, no more playing our favorite game..''Paltok bola'', no more easy go lucky, no more TGIF or the so called ''Thanks God It's Friday''!, Coz' everything will be serious,.. I'm sure we will be thinking only about our future, our job and about our own self-development.

Though we're all going to pass this stage, we will surely never forget our highschool life, our first crushes, our first time to copy the assignments and seat works of our seatmates, our first time to know the essence of cooperation during contests,group activities and even at the quizzes..(hehehe), our first time to dance a ballroom one, our first time to cut classes, and also our first time to cry because of LQ's and failing grades., and lastly, my first time to join an A1 Child Contest...High school life is such an unforgettable experience, even though we can't avoid the stress which problems brought us, it's just a simple overview on what we could experience on facing the consequences of real life...!

Whatever life we chose, it will strongly reflect on what could happen to us in the future. So, we must really take a serious outlook about life,...

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