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Assessment 1 (Discussion)

For any organization to succeed, it should analyse the requirements of any new role and come up with a skills list which should include the required personal traits for the best candidate.
Extrovert individuals tend to be faster, good at greeting people, do not mind the interruption, often act quickly and get their energy from people, therefore; they do well in roles which require interaction like: human resources, sales, purchasing and customer service. Whereas, Introvert individuals tend to be careful with details, don’t like interruptions, like to think a lot before they act, work confidently alone, therefore; they thrive in positions that require attention to details, reflection and fore thinking (Alina Vrabie, 2013).
Conscientiousness is the degree to which an individual is responsible, thorough, organized, hard-working and results-oriented (Behling 1998, 5). There is a relation between conscientiousness and job performance; employers desire to hire workers who are conscientious as they can create environments in which they can achieve positive outcomes, they follow the rules, have low tendency to procrastinate, exercise more restraint (Fayard 2012, 6-8).
Conscientiousness and Extraversion are somewhat interconnected as high extraversion predicted low fear of social evaluation or less social anxiety (Behl 1997, 40), individuals high in conscientiousness have high tendency to overwork and tolerate discomfort and frustration in order to complete tasks (Behl 1997, 7).
While well job performance is largely predicted by conscientiousness, employers must use a precise matching approach and find good methods to measure conscientiousness and extroversion and their relevance to the role on hand (Behling 1998, 81-82).

Alina Vrabie, 2013. Introverts, extroverts and productivity: getting the best out Of…...

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