Did My Car Join Al Qaeda

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After reading Woody Hochswender‘s essay “Did My Car Join Al Qaeda?” I was left thinking he had not supported the characteristics of a persuasive argument. Although the argument includes key components of a persuasive essay such as a strong opening and establishment of his position on the benefits of driving a SUV, it lacked the essential factual components that would otherwise convince readers to believe his viewpoint.
Mr. Hoschswender attempted to acknowledge the benefits of an SUV by utilizing both pathos and logos appeals. Appealing to one’s emotions (pathos) and knowing that children are the gateway to the heart, he points out that “Four-wheel-drive vehicles allow workers to get to and from their jobs, and parents to transport their children safely to school, sporting events, ballet classes and the rest” (Hochswender, 2003). However, he fails to consider opposing views on exactly who SUVs are safer for. Researchers suggests, “Statistically, SUVs are no safer for their occupants than are cars on any of the major measures (front and side collision, rollover, etc.), and in some cases are significantly less safe” (Vanderheinden, 2006, p.30). Additionally he attempts to support his argument by appealing logically (logos), using aspects of his hometown environment by saying to readers that “This is not just because we have plenty of long, steep driveways and miles and miles of dirt roads. We also have had more than 70 inches of snow this winter” (Hochswender, 2003), showing it is safer logically to have a four-wheel drive vehicle.
The debate regarding the SUV’s fundamental contribution to terrorism has been longstanding, and while the author’s position seems more to poke fun at those that opposes his viewpoints rather than offer meaningful solutions, his attempt at a persuasive augment would have been more successful in my view if he had included more…...

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