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Did the 1920s Roar?

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Did the 1920’s Roar?

The decade of 1920-1929 was a time of great change, reform, improvement, adjustment and alteration of everything. It roared in some areas but not in others. The 1920s roared for woman and social aspects but not for the economy.

Throughout the 1920s women has significantly changed their fashion, political rights and employment/education. Women starting cutting their hair short, raising their hemlines and started smoking. In this time, they rebelled against what people perceived them to be, it showed that they had more freedom of expression and gave them more independence to decide what they want to dress like. Women also changed their political rights by fighting the government gaining the power to vote, and getting them to consider women as “persons”. This caused them to be able to have a say and influence government decisions, and gave hope for woman that they could achieve political equality. Also in the 1920s woman’s employment rates and education numbers increased.
Having more women in higher education and jobs is important because they proved that they worked just as well as men and they could support themselves on their own. Overall women changed their life and were part of the roaring twenties.

The twenties also roared in social aspects like working hours, sports, and entertainment. The people of the 1920s got a shorter workweek but got a higher pay. This made the 1920s fun because it gave them extra time and extra money so they could buy new stuff increasing the economy. Sports popularity also grew, whether watching it as entertainment or playing it. Sports were fun because it gave people entertainment and being so popular back then it ensured that sports would have the same popularity today. Entertainment also changed, people had free time so they spent them going out to movies, clubs, dances, and sport games. This made...

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