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There were really a certain person ought to have their will and wants to do things that make the entire state break down. This certain people do jobs through a high technology in order to do evil deeds not imagining the result of it as they want it to be -- to be a miserable nation.

One of these situations is come from the movie die hard 4. The story plays by means of a high technology computer based. They are using computers for communications, such for networks, radios and exploding viruses to end lives. With that movie there are opportunities, weaknesses and strength embodies.

From the aphorism that says “Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” Has a correlation from the movie die hard 4. The opportunities that embodied in the movie is that when John McClane has the allies who is a hacker Matt Farrell realizes to be biased with John after all Gabriel the evil mastermind threaten him to kill. Moreover that is an opportunity for John since Matt knows the code to abort the shutdown sequence and to evade the evil plan of Gabriel. It seems most challenging because of the enraged of John to the criminal mastermind especially that Lucy is in the hand of Gabriel.

“An attack on the vulnerable United States infrastructures begins to shut down the entire nation” and when Farrell enter the code despite of Lucy’s pleas to resist, Farrell gives the code just for Lucy not to shoot by a gun of Gabriel’s hand. These are the weaknesses shows in the movie. But John the father of Lucy advances for just nothing to do but make things more to do for the resolution of the huge problem.

After all John has the strength for sacrificing himself even though he has been hit on his shoulder and still trying to kill Gabriel. He has also a grave to utter Gabriel for saying “Yippee ki yay, mother”

It is true that loving your nation is like killing someone’s lives. The word is “Live Free of Die hard”.

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