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Dieting Dieting and food are as much of our pop culture as music and entertainment. According to Google, dieting is to “restrict oneself to small amount of special kinds of food in order to lose weight.” I believe dieting should receive more attention since I hear a lot of people going on the outrageous fad diets and then later hear them complaining about how they gained all the weight back and then some. Then there are those ‘fad diets’ which scare me, as do the dieting pills. I mean they can be helpful for some, but losing weight really quickly cannot be healthy for anyone. I believe that healthy eating and exercising are the best way to stay healthy. There are endless amounts of diets that we may choose from. Some of the most popular diets are the Atkins Diet, Mediterranean, Vegan, Weight Watchers, Raw Food, and the list goes on. The food choices people make isn’t only about filling up, it can also be an expression of who we are, when we are, and sometimes what we value in a sense. The expression, “You are what you eat” now takes on another meaning in this world of carnivores, herbivores, fat free fanatics, raw food, and junk food junkies. In today’s world, we are fascinated with the latest diets celebrities are following and with what other people are eating. Commercial advertisements and reality TV often showcase people with these crazy food cravings and uncontrollable obsessions. It is like our new entertainment. Meanwhile, there’s diet propaganda that encourages young women to ‘starve’ themselves while others promote endless amount of pizza and beer. As a species, the human race is getting fatter. Obesity rates have increased by 214% since between 1950 and 2000. Yet there are daily dieting ads, diet books in every bookstore, dieting tips in magazines. How did our society reach this point if there are so many options to choose from that are readily...

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