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Difference Between Greek and Modern Day Olympics

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The Olympic games were originally a religious festival unlike today. The Greek Olympic Games are now in honour of Zeus, and held every 4 years.(Women weren’t allowed to compete, but there were the Games of Hera for Women.) The games were only for Greeks and only Greek cities could be invited to take part in the Games.

Unlike today, only Greeks were allowed to take part in the games. Today, any country could be invited to take part, despite their nationality. Only a few hundred athletes competed in the games, but today over 2 thousand come to compete.

The Greek Olympics were only held in Olympia, but the modern Olympics are held in various places.(But when the Olympics were reinvented by a Frenchman, the first Olympic game was held in Olympia, and could be hosted their again.

Opening ceremonies in Ancient Greece were much different then today. In ancient Greece they just had a festival for Hera, the wife of Zeus. But today, they have huge ceremonies, with famous dancers and singers, costumes, and fireworks.

The competitors for the Greek Olympics trained for about 9 months, whereas today’s athletes train for their whole lives. But, the Greek competitors still do swear an oath to Zeus to play fairly, just like today.
In the Greek Olympics, there were much fewer events than today’s modern Olympics, and in the Greek Olympic Games, the competitors had to compete naked and women could not watch any of the events, if a women was caught watching, she would be killed. However, they still had discus, javelin and wrestling as events, and the wrestling was the same as today: you win by throwing your opponent to the ground. However it was very brutal because you can break your opponents fingers or might injure them badly. They still had sprint but not like today at 100 metres. In the jumping event for the Greek Olympics, the competitors couldn’t run,...

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