Different Kinds of Methods

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Different Kinds of Method

Different Kinds of Method
Best Method for Input:
\ The best method for printed questionnaires is the optical data reader. It is easier to read, and it is more accurate reading. Just put the answer you choice to be in the bubble. When the reader is place in a machine, it reads what you put. If the answer is wrong, it will put a red mark.
The best method for the telephone survey is the operator data entry. With this method, any survey will be more accurate. Because, the operate will be able to give a clear question to the caller, and the caller will be able to respond to the question with no confusion. As this is happening the operator will enter the caller answer to the system with no errors.
The best method for the bank checks is the automatic teller machine. This system is more communing use around the world. It is fast and simple to use. Just swipe the card and it will automatic deduct from the checking account. Every card has a security code. Only the card holder will be able to do the transaction.
The best method for the retail tags is the bar code scanner. Every items that has a tag on it, has to have bar code scanner. It is easier to tack on the system. On how many items goes out and how many are on stock.
The best method for the long documents is the optical data reader. Any long documents can be converting to a small data. Later on when it is necessary to read it. Put the data in to a optical, it will be able to read it.

Best Method for Output:
The best method for hand held computer is the screen. Because with any kind of screen, it could tell what information is requested.
The best method for the color photograph is the LCD. With this LCD, the color of any object will show more shaper and…...