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Different Schools Evette Grayson Ashford University EDU650: Teaching Learning and Leading in the 21st Century Instructor: Kimberly Smith July 13, 2014

Introduction. The educational development of students around the world differ. From the teaching methods to the philosophies of each teacher to the needs of their students, schools have adjusted themselves to cater to the needs of their students. With the many differences in teaching and learning methods, the ongoing debate of how a student is taught and what they learn is ongoing. Still, at the core of this debate is that all parties involved agree that the primary focus is the student. This paper will illustrate the commonalities and differences between an elementary teacher from Wichita, KS and a high school biology teacher from Monroe, LA. This paper will also be supported by interviews from two teachers to help further explain the educational standards of today’s times and its effect on students.

Summary From my interview with Kyle Hill, a public high school biology teacher from Monroe, LA, alongside my readings of an interview with Janice Thomas, an elementary teacher from Wichita, KS, the similarities and contrasts in the teaching and learning vary greatly. There is the obvious age gap between the two, as well as the sex of the instructor that contribute a part in the differences in the teaching. However, the commonality that all teachers share is that the focus is- and has always been- on the best needs of the children. Both teachers have their own ideas as to what the teacher’s role should be, which directly affects the student’s learning environment. Kyle Hill believes that the teacher’s role is to teach their students in a way that doesn’t discourage them from asking questions. Janice Thomas would agree with Mr. Hill’s beliefs, but also feels that teachers should know their students...

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