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Different Ways of Teaching

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When an individual makes the ultimate decision that he or she wants to expand their knowledge base by seeking out higher educational opportunities, it is imperative to take into consideration what kind of an environment best suits the individual person. Today we are afforded the opportunity to attend class not only in the traditional sense of being in a classroom setting with a professor that instructs from the from of the room but also the ability to attend class from the comfort of a location of our choice while online and at a pace at suits the individual. There are many reasons why a person would choose one of these options over the other. Those reasons include but are not limited to having classmates present to learn from one another, having a teacher present to answer questions as they arise, expanding knowledge, hands on vs. visual learning, communication and organization. After careful consideration of both of these options, the individual has to decide which course of action is better suited to assist them in the attainment of the goals that they have set for themselves to eventually achieve.
There are copious similarities as well as differences that exist between the traditional classroom-learning environments as opposed to online learning. With that said however, they both afford the student the ability to attain his or her educational goals regardless of the setting in which they find themselves. When students take classes online other classmates do not surround them: therefore, they are not distracted as easily and can focus their full attention to their studies at their leisure. Whereas a traditional classroom environment allows a student to share their his or her thoughts, ideas, and questions in more of a open forum with their fellow classmates so that they can receive responses and answers in a timely manner and not have to rely upon an...

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