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Differet Levels of the Government in the Uk

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the levels of the government

the house of commons

A range of political views and interests are represented in the house of commons. this enables the house to ensure that legislation and decisions are well debated by a variety of individual's holding different political views. The majority party is called upon to form the government and this party would sit to the right of the speaker while the opposition would sit to the left of the speaker. The house of commons consists of 649 elected members of the parliament known shortly as MPS. Members of the parliament who represent a board spectrum of political parties each of the MP represents a localised geographical area, called a constituency.
All constituencies should at least have approximately the same figures in population so it will make all votes equally important. This means consistencies in densely populated cities have much smaller area than a rural area constituencies were the people are more spread out. Constituencies can change. boundaries can become bigger, smaller or even sometimes disappear altogether. There is two way's in which a individual can be elected the house of commons. the first being a general election which is when representatives from all 649 constituencies are elected simultaneously. the second way being a via election. This happens when the current representative of constituency either dies, retires, or resigns a new representative is needed for that constituency only. a general election happens around every 4- 5 years but a by election can happen at any time.

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