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Digital Citizenship

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My Opinion on Digital Citizenship
In the world we live in today, the use of internet has become a necessity in actively participating in politics. It is the essential key of digital citizenship, which is “the ability to participate in society online,” (We The People 11). In this new age, there has been a tremendous shift from how we receive our information, how we get our education, and ultimately how we form our political opinions. Even now, as I write an essay for school, I am doing it in the comfort of my home, because technology has advanced to the point where I can do so. But, with all of that said, should we as Americans have the right to internet just because of technological advances?
After reading the article on digital citizenship, I had a debate with my colleague, who is in her fifties, about whether or not the government should provide internet access to all. Her opinion was that the world was changing so rapidly that if the government accommodated every shift, our deficit would grow quadruple its size. She also said if the government provides internet then it should also provide phones, and tablets, and computers, because after all, if a person did not have access to internet, they probably would not have access to the technology that goes hand in hand with it.
Though she was being sarcastic, I thought that she had a very good point, because that was likely the truth. I explained to her that even though she felt time was moving too fast, it would only continue to move forward. As a 20 year old student, I use the internet every day, and without access to the internet, I would not be able to get anything done. I also explained that those who do not have this access face hardships that others are not subjected to.
For example, I have a friend who lost her internet access for a week, and in that time she had to travel to the public library to not only...

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