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Digital Computer Crime

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Digital Computer Crime
Digital computer crimes are criminal activities, which involve the use of information technology to get wrongful or unjustified access to a computer system with the mindset of damaging, deleting, and altering computer data (Taylor, Fritsch, Leiderbach, 2015). Computer crimes do not necessarily have to involve damage to physical property. The computer itself could have participated in the crime or may have been the intended target. We will look at the four common types of computer crimes, which are the computer as the target, the computer as an instrument of a crime, the computer as incidental to a crime, and crimes associated with the prevalence of computers (Fairchild, 2013).
The computer can be used as a destination for crimes where the computer can include offenses like theft of intellectual property, marketing information, or blackmail based on data gained from computerized files. Crimes of this nature can disrupt operating systems and programs with the thought of creating chaos in business operations (Fairchild, 2013). There are various ways computers can be targeted illicit entrances to criminal justice and other government records. An example of this is a crime that targets the computer directly. In this, criminal history, modifying warrant information, creating a driver’s license, passport, or any other type of document for identification purposes is possible.
First, we will look at the computer as a target. This is defined as a fundamental denial towards the owner of the entity or by changing the data itself. Changing the data or denying access to the system can be harmful to a business due to not being able to offer products or services to clients or a client access to their records. An example of this type of crime would be the Target security breach in the holiday season of 2013. The article suggests that ‘hackers gained access...

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