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Is Apple’s release of the Apple Watch an example of good innovation timing?

Yes, Apple’s release of the Apple watch is an example of good innovation timing. Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that produces consumer electronics and computer software products. It was co-founded by the iconic Steve Jobs and the other founders Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Though it faced tremendous amount of adversities in the initial, under the stewardship of Steve Jobs, the brand became a household brand. The company's reputable gadgets include Macintosh computers and laptops, the iPod and the iPhone. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system, the iTunes media browser and many other applications (Rouse, 2009). Being a titan in the consumer electronics industry, its latest innovation would the Apple watch. Although other smartwatches has been out in the market. I feel that Apple watch was an example of good innovation timing.

The first reason to support my claim would be that, Apple has made life easier for payments. Unlike other smartwatches that does not support the payment through smart gadgets. Apple has made it easier for Apple watch users to pay using the Apple Pay function. This is a mobile payment and digital wallet that allows the users to make payments via their smartwatches at the most secured way (Apple, 2015). This function is so much notable that great companies such as Barclays (Brian, 2016)and ExxonMobil (Campbell, 2016) are backing up this feature for their future transactions.
In addition to the features aspect, it has ergonomically design its watch in a way that when one is using the Apple watch, they wont miss a single notification and does not require to take out their iPhone to check their notifications. It also creates a value and caters to fitness enthusiast. The Apple watch is a device that has gained the popularity among…...

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